RCC Kids

RCC Kids

As it was important to Jesus that children were valued and brought to him (Mark 9:33-37, 10:13-16), we, at RCC, consider this task of “bringing” children into his presence, our utmost honor and privilege. With our dedicated and passionate teaching team and parents, we strive to provide a safe, fun, and loving environment where children of all ages and needs can learn and connect with God in an engaging and age-appropriate setting. By nurturing and empowering our young children and families into a growing, intimate, relevant relationship with God, our hope and prayer is that the RCC children grow into adults who not only desire a relationship with Christ but make daily choices to live for Christ.

In order to raise children who will desire God and make daily choices to live for Him, our commitment is to reach the children of our church, families, and community and nurture them to:


The mission of RCC Kids is to engage our children’s hearts and minds to gain a fuller understanding of the powerful, compelling stories of God’s character and His love for us: What do we learn about God’s character in the story of creation? Jonah and the big fish? The story of Jesus’ birth? It is our prayer that the children of RCC, even at an early age, will be drawn to a loving God who desires a personal relationship with each and every one of them. We trust that His character and love for us will compel our children to love Him more on a daily basis.

LOVE His Word

The RCC KIDS ministry is committed to helping children establish a strong foundation in Christ through the Word of God (Luke 6:48). Our goal is to teach children to love and respect God’s Word. We believe that Biblical truths in each story are building blocks in the hearts and minds of each child. We pray that a lifetime foundation of faith will be established in our children through the reading of the Bible, storytelling, teaching of Biblical truths and memorizing scripture verses. In this task of teaching children to love God’s Word, we encourage parents to see this as part of their own family mission, partnering with RCC and RCC KIDS to help our young ones store up and treasure God’s Word in their hearts (Psalm 119:9-11).

LOVE People

As we strive to have our RCC Kids understand God’s great love, we also want them to take a closer look at who God loved in scripture as well, especially in the life of Christ. Jesus loved people with pure and humble hearts—and the poor and the sick. Jesus loved faithful followers—and the lost and weary. Teachers and prophets followed him—and so did the tax collectors, outcasts, and ordinary fishermen. Even at the last moments of his life, Christ spoke to two criminals on his left and right. In short, we want our RCC children to better understand God’s heart in scripture, to see the wide range of people he loved then—and today—so that we, as recipients of God’s grace, are compelled to love and share Christ’s love, to a wide range of people, today, tomorrow, and the years to come.