RCC Youth Group

RCC Youth Group

“To be in full communion with God, with a community of believers, in order to be in commission to the world.”

1 Timothy 4:12 teaches us that young people have in important role in the church to set an example in speech, in faith, in conduct, in love, and in purity. RCC recognizes that adolescence is a significant transformative life stage. Not only are they changing physically, maturing mentally, and growing in independence. They are also in a vulnerable time. Research shows the youth today are more depressed, anxious, and stressed than previous generations.[1] Therefore, we hope to guide them into deeper relationship with God, healthy relationships with others, and a God-centered vision for the future.


In the digital social media age, having real substantial relationships is harder than ever.[2] If this is the case, having a sincere genuine relationship with God is growing more difficult as well. Communion is more than a Christian sacrament that we do at church. It’s meant to describe our relationship with God, one that is meant to be intimate and connected. The type of relationship disciples experienced at the Last Supper is meant for us today. We hope to develop our youth in this type of relationship with God, where reading the Word, praying, and serving others will be all done in full communion.


God made us to be relational, as God is relational in the Trinity. As mentioned earlier, technology and social media have both enhanced and hindered human relationships. We hope our youth group will be a space where healthy relationships may develop. A place where our love for Christ is central. A community where our unity is countercultural.


In Isaiah 1:15-17, God makes it clear the importance of our mandate in the world. We may pray and worship him, but if we do not seek justice for those marginalized, God is not with us. Our communion with God and community with each other are meant to be a light in the world. Matthew 28:19-20, is clear that we are a sent people to those outside our community. While our youth may not be evangelist or missionaries, we hope to grow their vision for how they can be in commission daily and in the future.

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[2] Turkle, Sherry. 2015. Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age. New York: Penguin Press.