COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Friday, March 13, 2020

Dear RCC:

We have an update about some important changes for our church in near future. We have been closely monitoring the news about the COVID-19 virus both nationally and locally. We were also informed just yesterday that Naperville District 203 has decided to close its buildings through the end of spring break. This means we cannot have our Sunday worship service at Washington Junior High until April 5 at the earliest.

The elder board has spent the past few days carefully weighing various contingencies that are most appropriate for our context. Based on what we know at this time, we have decided to implement the following measures for the remainder of this month:

*SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE. We will hold a worship service at the Ministry Center. But only those who are directly involved in the order of worship will attend. Everyone else in our congregation will be asked to participate at home (or in small groups together) through a live video feed. This includes all staff and volunteers who are not preaching, praying, leading praise, or operating the mixer or AV system. We will share the link for this video feed in a future email.

*All other events and meetings that normally take place on Sundays at Washington Junior High (such as Adult Sunday School) are postponed.

*The WOMEN’S RETREAT scheduled for Saturday, March 14, has been postponed.

*RCC YOUTH GROUP FRIDAY MEETINGS at the Ministry Center will be cancelled. This includes tonight’s scheduled meeting.

*COMMUNITY GROUPS and WOMEN’S/MEN’S GROUPS can continue to meet at the discretion of each group.


We will keep a close eye on this situation and provide updates via email.

Yours in Christ,
RCC Elder Board